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Luxury Soft Bath Pillow Anti Bacterial Bath Cushion White

Luxury Soft Bath Pillow Anti Bacterial Bath Cushion White

Luxury Soft Bath Pillow Anti Bacterial Bath Cushion White

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Had a long stressful day and want to unwind in the bath?

Yes we know, you want to have a nice hot bath but after a few minutes your head starts to feel uncomfortable, you make some minor adjustments with your hair or place a facecloth behind your head and try make it comfortable, but lets face it just doesn't cut it and you decide to get on with the cleaning process instead of a nice long soak...

But what if you had a nice soft pillow behind your head could stay in there for hours and completely forget about the world

With the luxury bath pillow, you can soak in there comfortably for long periods of time, designed to support the back of your neck and head giving you the most comfortable bath experience ever

with 3D air mesh technology, made from non-toxic, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, easy to clean, multi-layer mesh polyester fibres, allowing air and moisture to flow through and dry quickly!

  • Relax and enjoy a comfortable bath
  • Head and neck support
  • Easy to apply to your bath with strong non-slip suction cups
  • Breathable and anti-bacterial
  • Quick dry
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The perfect iphone case for my Airpods, now I don't have to carry an extra case

Jackie MA

My little man absolutely loves his new activity center

Tina FL

Great top quality harness, I dont have to worry about my dog choking or being uncomfortable any more, thanks

Trent Sidney