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Electronic Acupuncture Pen Automatic Acupressure Massage Pen

Electronic Acupuncture Pen Automatic Acupressure Massage Pen

Electronic Acupuncture Pen Automatic Acupressure Massage Pen

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Want to treat your aches and pains but you're too scared to try acupuncture?

 Fear no more and try the AcuPen instead!


The AcuPen is a revolutionary and painless, acupuncture-type stimulation that uses electric pulse vibrations to activate tissues, firm sagging and ageing skin, promote healthy blood circulation, detox the meridians and help to reduce muscle pain!

AcuPen is the original acupuncture pen. It's extremely versatile and is completely painless.

Start living a pain-free life and treat all types of chronic physical aches such as sports injuries, muscle, joint and back pains, all in the comfort of your own home!

    How it Works

    Modern research has demonstrated acupuncture's effects on the nervous system, endocrine and immune systems, cardiovascular system, and digestive system. By stimulating the body's various systems, acupuncture can help to resolve pain and improve sleep, digestive function, and sense of well-being.

    The AcuPen can treat your body aches and pains without any needles. The pen delivers a needleless, acupuncture sensation using the electric pulse (0-9) to activate tissues and provide firmness to sagging and ageing skin. It promotes healthy blood circulation, detoxifies the meridians, and reduces muscular pains.



    • Four dome-shaped tips to cover all aches and pains
    • No side effects
    • 9 different adjustable intensity levels
    • Lightweight easily fits in your pocket, bag, or pouch
    • Battery-powered (1 AA battery not included)

    Is the AcuPen safe to use?



    The AcuPen is a medical-grade device and is Dermatologist approved. It's no wonder why we have 100,000+ happy customers who use our pen every day! And if you aren't satisfied, let us know within 30 days and we'll give you a stress-free refund.


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