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Ergonomic 6 in 1 Baby Carrier

Ergonomic 6 in 1 Baby Carrier

Ergonomic 6 in 1 Baby Carrier

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Baby Carrier Designed to be comfortable for both the parent and the baby with multiple compartments to carry all the baby stuff that you need

available in beautiful styles and colors at an affordable price. Keep your baby close to you while you engage in daily activities by using the best carriers for infants and babies.

If you want to take your baby on a short trip, an evening walk, visit the local market, or a short hike, the infant baby carrier is a perfect choice. It not only allows you to keep your hands free but also stores tons of baby-related products that you might need during your short trip.

A baby carrier backpack is much more convenient than a pram or stroller, especially for infants and baby's initial months and years.

There are numerous advantages of baby carriers and baby wraps:

  • A baby carrier provides you a free workout while you are still performing your daily chores.
  • Studies how baby cry 40-50% less when they are carried
  • Baby carrier helps strengthen the baby's head and neck and encourages better control of neck and head for infants. It also helps in strengthening the muscles of the babies as they are more active in the carrier.
  • Speech development in babies that are carried is faster as they are close to the parent and the people they are conversing with.
  • The comfort of the carrier allows babies to take a nap and fall asleep quickly.
  • Strengthen the bond between baby and parent.
  • Helps baby emotionally, physically and cognitively.
  • Overall a happy baby is a healthy baby.


Comfortable and Safe: Comfortable and soft straps provide even weight distribution across the shoulders and hips for easy load bearing.

Anti-slip Seat: The baby carrier's seat is designed to be comfortable and safe for the baby.

Ergonomically Designed: The front-facing carrier is carefully designed not to put pressure on the baby's hips or legs contrary to the traditional style.

Ample Storage: There are multiple pockets on front and sides to store all the baby essentials like diapers, wipes, bottles in addition to the wallet, keys, and phone to give you a completely hands-free experience.

Comfortable for the Wearer: One of the major issues while carrying a baby in any carrier during hot weather is the heat generated, making it uncomfortable for both adult carrier and the baby. Our baby carrier has a breathable mesh fabric so that it is bearable in hot weather. It is equipped with anti-slip shoulder pads and ample padding for the person's waist and abdomen to avoid discomfort.

0-36 Months: The Kangaroo baby wrap carrier is equally suitable for babies up to 36months of age. Please check the weight guide in the description.

Two Styles: you can choose your baby carrier from two available styles of fabric. The durable and beautiful four seasons style and the comfortable cotton breathable style.

Variety of Colors: You can choose from a variety of beautiful colors in both style of fabric.

Multiple Positions: You can use the carrier in any of the six combinations of rear-facing and forward-facing baby positions.

Windproof Sunshade: To protect your baby from sun, wind or drizzle, the carrier comes with windproof sunshade cap.

Washable Fabric: Easily washable to remove any stains and spills from spit-ups, vomit, drinks, etc.

Extra Strength and Safety: Button closure in addition to zipping available to reinforce strength and safety



Material: Cotton, Polyester, Spandex
Color: Green, Red, Blue, Pink, Purple, Light Blue
Gender: Unisex
Style: Four Seasons and Breathable Mesh Fabric

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Jackie MA

My little man absolutely loves his new activity center

Tina FL

Great top quality harness, I dont have to worry about my dog choking or being uncomfortable any more, thanks

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