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Bug Vacuum Spider Vacuum Bug Catcher

Bug Vacuum Spider Vacuum  Bug Catcher

Bug Vacuum Spider Vacuum Bug Catcher

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Scared of spiders and other insects?

Let's be honest, everyone finds insects in their home from time-to-time.

This Insect Vacuum Catcher is the perfect Bug Sucker tool to easily those remove unwanted guests in your home!

Quick and humane catching.

 The Bug Vacuum is a spider catcher vacuum (and other bugs) that enables you to easily, quickly and humanely catch and release spiders, moths, bees, daddy long legs, mosquitoes and other insects. 

No chemicals needed. 

The Bug Catcher Vacuum is a battery-operated spider trap that can take spiders off ceilings, daddy long legs from walls and mosquitoes from windows.


 Catch spiders, crickets, beetles, moths, stink bugs, roaches, ants, cicadas, ladybugs, mantises, scorpions, centipedes, worms, even wasps and bees, you can always count on your Bug Vacuum to remove it.


The Best Bug Vacuum offers you a safe, eco-friendly, and humane way of keeping unwanted bugs and insects from getting into your home without harmful and toxic chemicals. Perfect for kitchens, decks, patios, porches, and basements.

Built-in flashlight. 

This hassle and worry-free pest control Vacuum is equipped with a built-in LED flashlight to help assist with finding Bugs. 

Battery operated. 

The LED Insect Vacuum Catcher features a convenient battery-powered design and requires one 9V battery (not included). Its portable and handy design allows for easy handling


Battery: 1 x 9V battery (not included)


      1 x LED Insect Vacuum Catcher

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