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Kids Smart Watch With GPS Tracker Smart Watch For Children

Kids Smart Watch With GPS Tracker Smart Watch For Children

Kids Smart Watch With GPS Tracker Smart Watch For Children

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Are you looking for the perfect and incomparable Kids Touch Screen GPS  Smart Watch?

Get peace of mind by knowing your child's location at all times!

  • The Kids GPS Watch is a Cellular, GPS and WiFi-enabled Smartwatch for kids ages 3-13...

  • In combination with our Cellular Data Service and Free Downloadable App, the kids' smartwatch is designed to promote a safe environment for your child...

  • Gain peace of mind by knowing exactly where your child is, how to reach them, managing their daily routines, and knowing they can alert you if they are in trouble, every moment of the day...

  • Contact, Locate, Monitor and Protect your child with the kids smart GPS watch...

  • Chat with your child at any time with the two-way chat just like a normal call...
  • If your child is ever in danger they can press the emergency button which will alarm you straight away right to your cell phone so you can find out what's going on and take action... 
  • Disable the watches functions right from the app on your phone when they are in class so you know they aren't being distracted by the watch...

These custom designed Kids Touch Screen GPS Smart Watches are a MUST HAVE! Designed with meticulous care and Super quality... 

Watch features: Answer Calls Take photographs, Auto Date Week Display Alarm, Dial Calls, GPS, Complete Calendar, Safety, Warning, LED display, Luminous.  

 Why wait?...Get peace of mind today. 

Order your unique Kids Touch Screen GPS  Smart Watch and harness the impeccable feeling of security and distinguish your child's safety!  

Limited quantity-will sell out fast!

Guaranteed Satisfaction: You are guaranteed complete satisfaction every time you choose to buy our Kids Touch Screen GPS Smart Watch for kids. They have multiple practical features that make it handy for any child



The perfect iphone case for my Airpods, now I don't have to carry an extra case

Jackie MA

My little man absolutely loves his new activity center

Tina FL

Great top quality harness, I dont have to worry about my dog choking or being uncomfortable any more, thanks

Trent Sidney