• Heating Lamp Fan 5W~100W Adjustable Pet Heater

Heating Lamp Fan 5W~100W Adjustable Pet Heater

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Pet Heater 5W~100W Adjustable Heating Lamp Fan Insulation Lantern Turtle Lizard Reptile Incubator Box Temperature Controller


Before you make the order, please pay attention to the Voltage 220V, Frequency 50HZ. 
This product is installed by the fan behind heat carrier, the fan draws air into the body, the heat carrier is heated into hot air, and then sent out through the outlet body warm air. (Must be placed in sealed space usage, if the little effect on open space, heating can not be stored)
Product advantages:
1: Anti-melting, high-temperature plastic, safe to use.
2: Warm wind, temperature uniformity, warm but not hot.
3: Heat flow, sterilization effect.
4: Promotes animal blood circulation, promotes gastrointestinal digestion.
5: Three temperature settings.
6: The body has LED lighting, soft light, not glary, does not affect sleep.
7: Green energy, explosion-proof and waterproof.
8: Long lifetime up to 15,000 hours. Body blowing warm air, the temperature can reach 40-90 degrees Celsius. Packing 

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